Fire Department Transition 2022

Special Notice

On July 11, 2022, The Town Board relieved Marvin Mullet of his duties as Fire Chief of the Town of Bass Lake Fire Department.  

On August 8, 2022, The Town Board voted unanimously to appoint Chris Headley as Fire Chief. 

Below are pictures and reports that show the current state of the Fire Department vehicles and the Fire Hall:

Photos taken by Town Board Supervisor Jim Evans

Fire Hall – Current Condition:

Fire Hall on of July 11, 2022:

Engine 1:

2022 Engine 1 Inspection

Engine 2:

Please Note: Blue tape indicates that lights are not working

2022 Engine 2 Inspection

Tender 1:

2022 Tender 1 Inspection

Brush Truck:

2022 Brush Truck Inspection

Rescue 1:

2022 Rescue 1 Inspection